Why a Bullet Necklace?

Why a Bullet Necklace?

Let me start off by saying that I am a non-violent patriot. I have no desire to overthrow the government, with force or without. I believe in winning through the process of voting.

I also believe that after years of inaction on the part of the American People, our government has become too large, too costly, too powerful and too unafraid of the Body Politic. The idea of a government By the People, Of the People and For the People has disappeared from the mission statement of our elected officials.

The sleeping giant is awake

It seems at every corner there is another law designed to erode our freedom and liberty. I believe the government is intentionally trying to overload our financial system in an attempt to collapse it so they can start over with a totally new system. This new system will offer few liberties and yield far too much control. For those of us whose eyes are open, we see what they are doing and we are working to stop it. While the other side continues to lie, cheat, steal and strong-arm in their quest to fundamentally change the United States of America, our side commits to following the rule of law. I believe our Constitution gives us the freedom, even the duty, to take up arms in the face of a tyrannical government, but I pray that calmer heads prevail and will stop the current administration’s madness before this country erupts into something none of us want.

My Bullet Necklace is a reminder of who we are – FREEDOM FIGHTERS. The bullet, especially 223 Remington, is an icon of the American fight for freedom and liberty for people regardless of age, race or heritage. I have captured this sentiment into the Bullet Necklace. I can think of no better way of commemorating the sacrifice our troops and their families make every day.

The Bullet Necklace silently identifies you to other patriots. You’ll be amazed at the conversations that will be started when people see what you are wearing. You will also appreciate the winks and nods by passing service members.