We're Hiring!

Bullet-Necklace.com's Affiliate Marketing System is a great way to make extra money!

We are GROWING!  With growth comes the desire to grow more.  Our brand name and our reputation are reaching further and further every day and we have our customers to thank for it.  Now we are giving back to our trusted customers by offering a commission for each future sale they bring to us.  

To sign up to be a bullet-necklace.com affiliate, go to the following link: https://bulletnecklace.refersion.com/

Follow the sign-up instructions and you will be given a unique link to use in your marketing efforts.  Our policies for advertising are listed on the affiliate sign-up page, but most importantly we do not permit spamming.  If you have a current opt-in mailing list you are welcome to send advertisements to your list, but sending unsolicited commercial email is against the law...and we will report anyone spamming people with our links to the Federal Trade Commission.  You will also lose your affiliate status and your commissions will be revoked.