Bullet-Necklace.com Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Do you really donate a percentage of every sale to charity?

YES!  We support the Wounded Warrior Project, however there are other charities we are looking at very closely to support.  If you have a military, fire or police charity that you think we should look at, please email us at bulletnecklace@matchgradedesigns.com.

2.  Are your products dangerous?

NO!  Well, unless you throw it at someone!  (We suggest that you do not throw your necklace at anyone.)  Our bullet necklaces are drilled right through the shell, so it is not possible to convert them to "live" ammunition at any time in the future.

3.  Have your bullets been "fired" in the past?

Yes.  Most of our products are once-fired shells, collected from police and military firing ranges.  Once we receive them at our processing facility they are cleaned and processed for their new life as a cool piece of jewelry.

4.  Can I take your products through TSA security checkpoints?

NO.  This is not recommended.  Even though our products are not dangerous, the TSA has pretty strict rules regarding weapons and items that LOOK like weapons.  Some agents are cool with our products but they will still not allow you to take them aboard an airplane.  If a TSA agent confiscates your bullet-necklace.com product, but is cool enough to pose for a picture wearing our product, we will replace it for free!  The picture is your proof.  Just send it to bulletnecklace@matchgradedesigns.com.  

5. Are your bullets made of lead?

Yes, they are.  All of our bullets are jacketed, which means the lead core is encased inside a layer of another metal.  Lead has been recognized by certain states as dangerous however our products have NO exposed lead so it is not possible that any lead from our products will come in contact with skin.  We consider our products extremely safe.  If lead concerns you, please do not purchase our products.