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ATTENTION TELEMARKETING OR SALES CALLERS:  We do not do business with any company who uses automatic dialers or Avatar telemarketers, EVEN IF your product or service is the best in the world.  If you can't afford us the courtesy to use a human being to make contact with us, then you probably cannot provide good service after the sale.  


We are available to chat with you regarding our products, our mission statement, what charities we support and why we make bullet jewelry!  


Our telephone number is for CUSTOMERS ONLY.  Telemarketers and Sales calls are not accepted.  Email your business related questions, provided that we already have an established business relationship to bulletnecklace@matchgradedesigns.com.  This email address may not be used to send unsolicited commercial email.  We report ALL spam to the Federal Trade Commission.  Our customer-only telephone number is (209) 732-6872.


Our mailing address is MatchGrade Designs, 619 Chatham Way,  Lititz, PA 17543.  Because our business is Internet-Only, this address may not be used for personal sales visits.